The Best Escape Rooms in Reno: Puzzles, Adventure and Thrills

Escape rooms can be a fun way to stimulate your brain in Reno. Imagine being locked with family and friends in a small room filled with puzzles. It’s a race against the clock, so you have to put everything together in time. This sounds fun, yes? Here are some great spots to put your mind to the test in Reno. You can get the best guide on escape rooms Reno, NV.

Key & Code is the first escape room. It’s no wonder that this is a favorite among locals. Every room has a unique theme. From haunted house to secret agent mission, each one is different. The next minute, you are escaping from the mad scientist lab. It’s always a new experience.

Break Through Reno – Have you heard about it? You should definitely check it out! They are known to have immersive and intricately-told stories in their rooms. Imagine being transported to a world in which every little detail counts. You’re the stars of a movie.

Talk about Puzzle Room Reno. The people behind this place know how they can challenge the brightest of minds. The rooms are available in a variety of levels, which means that everyone can find something to enjoy. They regularly update the themes and challenges in their rooms, so even if you thought you had seen them all before.

Escape Lounges, yes! This is where comfort and challenge are combined in a way that’s surprising. Plush seating combined with challenging puzzles requiring teamwork, creativity and collaboration.

Wait – There’s More! Enchanted Cat Cafe Escape Room: Have you been there? This unique spot brings together two of our favorite things: cats, and escape games. While solving puzzles and cracking codes, you can have some cat company.

One hidden gem is Brainy Actz Escape Rooms. The place may not be known as much as other places, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in fun and puzzle difficulty.

You might also enjoy escapes with a horror theme (or perhaps nightmares). Blackout Escape Rooms will make your experience more thrilling and challenging.

Are you competitive? Ultimate Rush Speed & Thrill Park offers not only escape games but other adrenaline pumping activities such as zip-lining, after you solve those tricky clues.

Fun Quest is a great option for families who want to provide their children with a fun and exciting experience without having them sacrifice the excitement level or challenges.

These choices bring back memories of my very first experience with an escape room. As I walked into the room it seemed ordinary until we were locked in by doors. Then, everything changed. We found a treasure chest full of surprises and twists.

Pick up some friends, family (or even both!) to escape with! Choose one of (or several) the above locations and begin to unravel mysteries that are hidden behind walls. Every unique space will guarantee an experience you’ll never forget. You can create bonds with your family or friends through playing games together, sharing laughter and overcoming obstacles.